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Welcome to my new website!

Hello friends!

In the last years I posted sometimes more sometimes less stuff on my old website I ran it like a blog. Although it is fun to have an own blog, it remains a lot of work. That's also the reason why there was temporarily nothing happening on my old website, I didn't have enough motivation and time to take care of it as well. But there was another problem with the old site, it was in German. Many of the people who follow me are from Germany, but because my roots are in Spain and I am targeting an international audience, I had to choose the English language. Also technically it was time to find a better solution and with the current technology I feel much more comfortable.

I will keep the old site for a while but sooner or later it will disappear. That means there will be only one and that is and not

I will handle the new site in the future differently than the old one. It should serve as my secret base for my projects from where I manage other channels. So I make the name of the website of all honor. (Pixelgrotte means "Pixel Cavern" in german) Like a super villain I will make secret plans, how I can conquer the world with pixels piece by piece from my secret cavern. Muahahaha...

Of course you can be part of it all and either follow me on social media or just subscribe to my newsletter. So you will not miss any villainy from the Pixelgrotte.



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