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That`s me!

My name is Federico, or simply Fede. Yes, the name sounds Spanish, it is. I grew up in Spain and live happily in the self-proclaimed “most beautiful city in the world” Hamburg in Germany.

I paint since childhood, my beginnings were next to all the series and anime of the 80s, and of course fantasy. Already as a young boy my mother had read me the Lord of the Rings and infected me with the fantasy virus. Thanks Mom!

Of course I have played pen & paper role-playing games since childhood, I am also still a gamer and let all these inspirations flow into my paintings.

I am a hobby artist and since recently comic artist/author. I have fulfilled an old dream of mine to publish my own comic and plan to draw more. Generally I like to accept commissions that match my interests and style. It just depends if I have time and desire or if the money is right … and no, I don’t work for free. ;)

If you have any further questions, send me a message.

Contact me

You want to write me a love letter, a secret message or the route to a lost treasure... this is your chance! Whatever is on your mind, I'm sure I'll be happy to hear from you. Also, if you don't want to miss anything important about me or my projects, feel free to sign up for my newsletter!

Thanks for your message!

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